Shoulder part VII – push up with pilates ball

Skrivet av Shirin Zarur

15 October, 2018

I usually don’t train pecs specifically at all as they’re included in so many other exercises, and because I know I don’t kneed to increase the imbalance of ventral and dorsal upper body more… Pecs are synergists in for example pull-ups, which is enough heavy strength training for the pecs in my case. However, I love to work with push-ups due to the hands being on the floor it becomes a closed chain exercise and pecs and dorsal shoulder muscles become synergists and work together, therefore less risk for imbalances through training.

If you add the extra push away at the top of the push-up, you also work the Anterior Serratus which is the muscle that holds the shoulder blade down on the thorax and prevents it to wing out! Extra plus on your training!


Shoulder part VI – plank

Shoulder part VI – plank

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